ICYMI: Michigan Laborers' Training Assistant Director Daryl Gallant joined @GovWhitmer earlier today at a press conference to share what MLTAI is doing to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our graduates could not have made it through their academic journey without a personal support team. Here are some of their heartfelt thanks to all who helped them along the way! #HarvardExt20 #Harvard20 https://t.co/wWoIyRWKW2

a guy I know who spent months posting the riot scene at the end of JOKER with captions about fighting the establishment is now losing his mind complaining about the "looters" in Minneapolis

President Trump's social media executive order is at odds with congressional intent, a quarter century of judicial interpretation, and any reasonable reading of the Section 230's plain language, says #CatoTechnology's @Will_Duffield https://t.co/gV3REFBOUx

Nothing says I love the Constitution like wishing the government could shut down a business. What’s next? Newspapers? The press?

Party of liberty indeed. @GOP is a dumpster fire of hypocrisy and sycophants. https://t.co/KVI5YI5pHr

Trump’s addicted to Twitter and "revels in mainlining his thoughts into the American conversation and absorbing all the responses back into his own bloodstream. Twitter is Trump’s drug of choice, and addicts don’t break their habits so easily."

Facebook banned Project Lincoln's anti-Trump ad for saying, "Donald Trump bailed out Wall Street but not Main Street," because technically Main Street got *some* money.

“To have the commander in chief torment a patriot like T.J. is disgusting, but sadly, not surprising.”

I just don't think it's useful—or good journalism—to endlessly repeat Trump lies, accusations & conspiracy theories. He's exploiting the Liar's Dividend, which is that repeating the lie legitimizes the idea of debate around it, and leaves a lingering question in the reader's mind

He can make this the “policy of the United States” until he is blue in the face. It doesn’t change the law. Private lawsuits against Twitter will still fail. https://t.co/p3t8L01E31

Today marks another pivotal day in this crisis. We’ve been here before. That sinking dread. The certain knowledge that the govt is fucking up in real time. That it will not be told. That people will die as a result. Mark the date. Because this day will come back to haunt us

So, conservatives are not being silenced but what has changed?

Wikileaks/GRU networks taken down and USCYBERCOM protecting elections from foreign influence...


Grieving families say Gov. Cuomo order on nursing homes may have resulted in deaths of their loved ones @DrewGriffinCNN reports https://t.co/btjb8Jm8gP

Instead of using Twitter to advance his political agenda, Trump is using the presidency to advance his Twitter agenda.

Railing against alleged ‘bias’ of social media companies after Twitter fact-checked him, President Trump signs new executive order @kaitlancollins reports

Remembering a Philly couple married 63 years and a Mississippi pioneer who died of coronavirus @jaketapper reports https://t.co/F18ZUX6lIh

Van Jones: ‘That was a lynching of a black man in broad daylight.’ @thelauracoates @VanJones68 discuss https://t.co/UQXcB0vKp4

Protests and violence in Minneapolis after George Floyd dies after being pinned by police @sarasidnerCNN reports https://t.co/mKDCc5VVup

Minneapolis official: Racism is a virus that has 'infected America' @jaketapper reports https://t.co/g4Sc8EMjn7

Congratulations and deepest thanks to COP Keating hero MAJ @doc_cordova and family on his retirement from the @USArmy!

It's not about free speech. It's not about ideological balance. It's not about supposed platform/publisher distinctions. It's not about 230. For Trump, it's about shutting up and punishing those who challenge/criticize him.

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