Singapore just opened the world's first bubble facility for business travelers, so they can bypass the 14-day quarantine. Insider's @katiedwarren took a look around 👀

It's hard to assess the cost of Trump's election fraud conspiracy theories, but for Republicans the cost today is a $1.9 trillion stimulus package made possible by the two Georgia Senate losses in the runoffs, which were due to depressed GOP turnout thanks to Trump's lunacy.

The #FBI is seeking information that leads to the capture of individuals involved in the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. If you recognize this participant, leave a tip at, and refer to photo 250.

So Joe Biden's opening bid was 1.9 trillion and he got 1.9 trillion.

I'm beginning to think Joe Biden is good at politics.

@RadioFreeTom @dcherring In the early ‘70s, a Chicago DJ introduced a Neil Young song with “Here’s Neil Young, singing like a chicken.” He had a point.

Fifty states. Fifty different sets of rules. I thought we had moved beyond this stupidity?

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still strikes me as wild that on Jan. 14 Biden proposed a $1.9 trillion package with a series of key planks and the House and Senate have now...passed $1.9 trillion bills with..all of those key planks largely in place

The sun had come up and no one had noticed. ⁦@timkaine⁩ said “I’m going to pop outside to check out the sunrise”. I followed him out and snapped this pic. #AmericanRescuePlan

70 Years Ago Today: Charlie Brown plays baseball for the first time in a Peanuts comic strip! (March 6, 1951) #Baseball #History

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David John James Dyson, my grandfather’s grandfather, 1863-1949, a pickle merchant and briefly the mayor of Winnipeg. 🇨🇦 Enhanced, colorized, and animated via @MyHeritage

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