@TrueFactsStated @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris I love most of our candidates, but @JoeBiden and @SenWarren are my favorites. Her stop here in #SanAntonio last night was electric! And I got to wear my iconic @maddogpac t-shirt, she told me she loved my shirt and high fived me when I told her we shouldn’t deport #ActiveSoldiers

🔥@tedlieu: Do you think #coronavirus is a ‘hoax’?

@SecPompeo REFUSES to answer the question, then feebly responds: It’s a ‘gotcha’ moment, it’s not useful.

Americans need FACTS, not spin, about the #CoronavirusOutbreak.🤬

@thespybrief #COVID19

Duuuuude… The government of Hokkaido, Japan, the second-largest island of Japan, just declared a state fo emergency and told everyone to stay indoors. This island has 5 million people on it.


As a public health practitioner I’m confused by @WHO refusing to label #coronavirus as a Global Pandemic.

Pandemic-An epidemic that impacts:

✅ Several Countries ➡️ Over 40
✅ Numerous Continents ➡️ 6/7
✅ Large number of people ➡️ 83K+
✅ Person-Person Transmission


I spoke to @BernieSanders about superdelegates in 2016 here's what he said https://t.co/djg4tVlCq0

Here’s an idea: State unemployment insurance subsidizes the wages of people who test positive COVID-19 under the condition they stay home while contagious and do not have paid sick time.

Federal Reserve & Treasury agrees to backstop State UI programs to ensure their solvency.

Wyden sends letter to Azar requesting information on WB allegations/administration's coronavirus response: “Such mismanagement on the part of HHS placed these human services staff at risk."

@TrueFactsStated And the reason it's referred to as the Spanish Flu is because Spain did not lie, unlike the UK and other countries...

America is afflicted by a President who delights in division, cruelty, lies, and chaos. We deserve better in the Oval Office. In Virginia's primary, I will proudly vote for @JoeBiden. Joe has exemplary heart, character, and experience—and he’s a leader our kids can look up to.

On today's @BulwarkOnline podcast, @SarahLongwell25 and @Timodc join @SykesCharlie to discuss CPAC, the future of principled conservatism, the 2020 elections, South Carolina, immigration, and what we might expect from a Trump v. Sanders general election.


.@TomBrady FYI if you go to another team, one of my producers, Boston's own @HaleyMuseCNN, says she will unfollow you on Instagram and write you a strongly-worded letter.

Consider yourself warned.

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